(English) 2nd ISIAT 2013 Symposium: Barcelona, 3-5 October 2013


Scientific Rationale for ISIAT 2013

The Symposium, that will be held every two years, will move across Europe and will continuously gather most relevant experts on different topics regarding intra-articular access, therapeutic targets and tools and future developments.

The Symposium will feature lectures by leading experts in order to encourage discussions and stimulating interactions.

Furthermore, the Symposium will also host a practical course of ultrasound-guided joint injections, applied to all kind of joints. So the Symposium also will be a big opportunity for those who want learning or improving their skills in intra-articular injections.

The Symposium will give an outstanding opportunity to investigators and clinical practitioners to show their latest researches in selected oral presentations or posters.

We invite scientists and clinicians interested in intra-articular research and treatment in rheumatology, orthopedics, sport medicine, pain medicine, rehabilitation and interventional radiology to take this opportunity to present and discuss their latest research findings together with other investigators and key opinion leaders.

We aim to create a unique, interdisciplinary and stimulating environment focused on developing a wide interchange and improvement of intra-articular management of joint diseases.

This Symposium is also the chance to develop synergies among different actors of intra-articular world.

Congress Chairman

Alberto Migliore
Director of Unit of Rheumatology
St. Peter Hospital and Center Research FBF – Rome, Italy
President of National Foundation of ultrasound guided Hip intra-articular Therapy (ANTIAGE)

Congress Co-Chairman
Sandro Tormenta
Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology
St. Peter Hospital FBF – Rome, Italy
Vice President of National Foundation of ultrasound guided Hip intra-articular Therapy (ANTIAGE)

Scientific Secretariat
Emanuele Bizzi
Unit of Rheumatology
St. Peter Hospital and Center Research FBF – Rome, Italy


Allen G. – UK
Bizzi E. – Italy
Blanco J. F. – Spain
Bliddal H. – Denmark
Boni G. – Italy
Boon A.J. – USA
Busilacchi A. – Italy
Callegari L. – Italy
Cardelli R. – Italy
Chevalier X. – France
Colen S. – Belgium
Conrozier T. – France
Cugat R. – Spain
D’Avola G. – Italy
De Bari C.- UK
De Marchi A. – Italy
Delle Sedie A. – Italy
Diracoglu D. – Turkey
Evans C.H. – USA
Fillipou G. – Italy
Forriol F. – Spain
Galesso D. – Italy
Garreta R. – Spain
Gigante A. – Italy
Gonçalves B. – Portugal
Gratacós J. – Spain
Henrotin Y. – Belgium
Herrero-Beaumont G. – Spain
Jay G.D. – USA
Kievit A.J. – Nederland
Klauser A. – Austria
Maheu E. – France
Massafra U. – Italy
Matucci Cerinic M. – Italy
Migliore A. – Italy
G. – Italy
Mirapeix R. – Spain
Monfort J. – Spain
Muñoz Fernandez S. – Spain
Oliveira M. A. – Portugal
Orellana C. – Spain
Palau J. – Spain
Petrella RJ. – Canada
Pomés J. – Spain
Rabago D. – USA
Radenne F. – France
Raman R. – UK
Reinecke J. – Germany
Richette P. – France
Sanchez M. – Spain
Scali J.J. – Argentina
Scarpellini M. – Italy
Sconfienza L.M. – Italy
Setton L. – USA
Simkin P. – USA
Tavana R. – Italy
Tormenta S. – Italy
Wehling P. – Germany
Wilson D. – UK

We would like to thank for their valuable support